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The Brooklyn Roasting Company® Brings its Colorful Coffee to Keurig®

A homegrown New York City favorite, The Brooklyn Roasting Company® has provided coffee lovers with high-quality, sustainably-sourced, perfectly-roasted coffee since 2009 and now two of the company’s premium specialty coffees are available in K-Cup® pods for the first time.

If you’re looking for a coffee experience that’s serious not snobby, practical not pretentious, accessible not exclusive – one that’s as bold, brave, colorful, and creative as Brooklyn — you’ve come to the right place.

Not familiar with The Brooklyn Roasting Company®? Here’s the buzz.

Coffees That Celebrate the Bold, Colorful Characters of Brooklyn  

From their headquarters in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, The Brooklyn Roasting Company® pursues excellence through innovation, starting with coffees from the world’s most renowned growing regions.

BRC creates blends that playfully pay homage to the colorful characteristics of coffees from each distinct origin as well as the colorful characters that make Brooklyn such an exciting place to live and work.

Sip with Your Eyes

The most natural way to represent flavor is with color and The Brooklyn Roasting Company® has embraced a novel way to characterize coffees. Rather than adding up numbers and arriving at “scores,” they draw pictures of the coffees they cup in their lab.

Coffee beans are, after all, the seeds of tropical fruits. This colorful essence is always at play beneath the surface of the dark-brown brew we all know and love.

The Journey to K-Cup® Pods 

At Keurig Dr Pepper, we value our ability to introduce premium, locally loved coffeehouse brands to a wider audience. We are committed to providing new and innovative ways for coffee lovers and brand fans to discover their favorite blends that suit their taste and convenience needs.

After a monthslong process of fully capturing the colorful sensory experience, two of The Brooklyn Roasting Company’s signature brews are available now on

  • Java Mocha – balances the rich, chocolatey notes of superb Sumatran coffees with floral and ripe berry notes of the most prized Ethiopian beans. The resulting cup is loaded with flavor – sweet, creamy, elegant, and bold. 
  • Coney Island Blend – sweet caramel and juicy berry notes mingle with hints of dried fruit and a subtle roastiness that tie together this distinctive dark roast with a taste as unforgettable as its namesake.