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The following products are protected by United States Patents owned or licensed by Keurig Dr Pepper and user virtual patent marking. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act. 31 U.S.C § 287(a).

The absence of a product name from this list or a U.S Patent number as associated with any listed product does not constitute a waiver of Keurig Dr Pepper’s patent, trademark, or other intellectual property rights concerning that product.


Model No:Patents:
K-Café (K83)U.S. 7,165,488; U.S. 7,347,138; U.S. 8,667,892; U.S. 8,877,276; U.S. 10,893,769; U.S. D846943, U.S. D879532, U.S. D882336
K-Café Special Edition (K84)U.S. 7,347,138; U.S. 8,667,892; U.S. 8,877,276; U.S. 10,893,769; D846943; D879532
K- Café EssentialsU.S. 7,640,845


Model No:Patents:
K-ClassicU.S. 7,165,488; U.S. 7,347,138; U.S. 7,377,162; U.S. 8,667,892; U.S. 8,877,276; U.S. D721248


Model No:Patents:
K-CompactU.S. 7,523,695; U.S. D853167; U.S. D853166


Model No:Patents:
K-Duo EssentialsU.S. 7,523,695
K-Duo PlusU.S. D877551; U.S. D882336; U.S. D945201


Model No:Patents:
K-EliteU.S. 7,165,488; U.S. 7,347,138; U.S. 10,893,769; U.S. D846943; U.S. D854364; U.S. D854365