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Reimagining Coffee: From the Ground Up

Big change starts small.

That was the case nearly 30 years ago when Keurig® changed the way consumers brewed coffee, with the introduction of the K-Cup® pod single serve coffee system. Today, we find ourselves at the start of our next chapter.

Through our close relationship with consumers, we know that they continually seek variety, quality, value and sustainability with their coffee choices. Notably, people look to their favorite coffee shops to explore, discover and customize a diverse range of coffee flavors and styles. One of our areas of focus is to bring those same deliciously exciting café-style beverages into the home and at a lower price, with the Keurig simplicity, quality and choice the brand is known for.

Looking ahead to deliver against the needs of the next generation of coffee drinkers, we’ve challenged ourselves to reimagine what Keurig can be. As part of that process, we identified that we’ve always been constrained by the footprint of the coffee packaging itself; so, we asked ourselves, what could we do if we had no borders, no package, just coffee?

Today, we are excited to introduce our vision for the future which starts with the revolutionary K-Rounds™ plastic-free pods.

K-Rounds™ plastic-free pods are created from expertly roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a protective plant-based coating preserving the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

K-Rounds™ will work in the new Keurig Alta™ brewer as part of an exciting new Keurig system that allows consumers to make a variety of hot and cold barista-style beverages – from a bold espresso brewed with high pressure to produce a velvety crema, to an aroma-rich cup of hot coffee or a refreshingly chilled cold coffee – without having to master complex brewing techniques.

Importantly, we know consumers are looking for products that produce less waste, and K-Rounds™ pods are plastic- and aluminum-free. The first consumer-led beta test of the system begins as early as fall 2024.

While we pursue our long-term vision, innovation in our existing K-Cup® pod system is also brewing. This fall, the all-new Keurig K-Brew+Chill™ brewer with breakthrough QuickChill Technology™ that flash-chills your coffee, rapidly cooling it to a refreshing temperature that’s just as cold as one from your favorite coffee shop in under three minutes!

To learn more about what else is on the horizon, including the smallest-ever Keurig brewer footprint, coffeeshop-style beverages in K-Cup® pods, super premium brands and a forthcoming mail-back recycling program, check out “Introducing the Next Chapter of the Keurig® K-Cup® Pod System Product Portfolio.”

Keurig brewers have been welcomed into 45 million households across the U.S. and Canada, occupying valuable countertop space and occasions. We look forward to continuing to delight those households and also gain new fans in the future as we introduce groundbreaking and expanded ways to brew with Keurig.